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Do Not…

I recently found myself doing a lot of stupid things, in rapid succession, so I thought I’d jot down a few “do not” style commandments. The context here is software development 🙂 Do not develop a subsequent feature, until the previous feature is in production use. Do not code a feature that seems odd toContinue reading “Do Not…”


Software Development T’s

Talk about how it’s going. What else we could do?Think about next steps. How could technology help?Tap tap tap. The developers bang away on their keyboards.Try it out. What do you think? Is this better?Turn it to production for end users.

Document Reality

Resistance pushes back against documenting through our fear of showing off our dismal status quo. Document fearlessly. If there is a secret on ramp other than the “required” in box, then document it. If there’s three ways of challenging the “final” status, document those. If there is no process to track the work, and customersContinue reading “Document Reality”