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Kinds of Conflict

I think if you clarify the kind of conflict you have with somebody, then it can help you better allocate resources in combating them. If you have a political conflict, then likely political resources will be easier and more applicable to beat them. If you are in a physical conflict, then only physical violence (within the rules of the game) will accomplish much. Knowing what sort of conflict you’re in can help you figure this out.

I think a lot of people think they are in a political conflict, when they’re really in a cultural conflict. These folks use political means, such as battling over elections, when the entire society is moving out from underneath them.

Spiritual Conflict · You’re on opposing sides of a battle that exists beyond our present understanding of time and space.

Physical Conflict · One or both of you is presently trying to do physical harm to the other one.

Cultural Conflict · You disagree about fundamental aspects of how a society should operate.

Social Conflict · You are both competing for scarce social credit resources: friends, time with certain people, esteem, speaking time, etc.

Political Conflict · Within the present political frame of reference, you disagree about what you want. You’re voting on the same thing differently. You both agree to the political framework, and are operating within it.

Arms-Length Conflict · A kind of business conflict where there is no way for you to do better, without the other side doing worse. There is a pie of a fixed size, and if you get a bigger slice, they necessarily get a smaller slice.

Business Conflict · They’re a competitor, and you’d prefer your business thrive, while theirs falters.

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